NFL Fans Are Questioning If Terry Bradshaw Should Still Be On The Air Following Difficult Day Of Broadcasting

NFL Fans Are Questioning If Terry Bradshaw Should Still Be On The Air

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Terry Bradshaw, the four-time Super Bowl champion who has been working as an NFL analyst for Fox Sports since 1994, was trending on Twitter on Sunday evening following a difficult day on-air for the 74-year-old which many fans seemed to notice.

Similar to the conversation surrounding 87-year-old Lee Corso on ESPN’s famed traveling college football show College Gameday, some football fans took to Twitter to share their opinion about Bradshaw’s state following appearances on Fox’s pregame and postgame shows. Granted, some fans were far more delicate in their views than others.

Football fans are expressing either concern or frustration that Terry Bradshaw is still being prominently featured on Fox’s NFL pregame and postgame shows

“Terry Bradshaw does not look good. I hope he’s ok,” tweeted one football fan.

“If we’re forcing Lee Corso out, Terry Bradshaw needs to go also, or at the very least stop doing highlights,” said another Twitter user.

“Not trying to be insensitive but there are some sports analysts who were great in their prime, but it’s now time to retire… love them all but it’s time to move on,” one user stated as he listed Bradshaw alongside Gameday’s Lee Corso and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

One Twitter user suggested that it’s “obvious” his longtime co-workers are “covering” for some of his apparent “memory lapses”:

In addition to Bradshaw, Fox NFL Sunday features Howie Long, Michael Strahan, and Jimmy Jonhson, and is hosted by Curt Menefee.

A few years ago, during an interview with Men’s Journal, Bradshaw expressed “insecurity” about how much longer he’ll be able to do this job:

“I’m 73. There’s a part of me that says, ‘How long can you do television?’ “There’s a bit of insecurity there. But I’m not through, I can tell you that. I live to entertain,” Bradshaw said to Men’s Journal back in 2021.

During his 13-year NFL career, all of which were with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bradshaw won four Super Bowls (including two Super Bowl MVPs), was a one-time first-team All-Pro member, three-time Pro Bowler, and led the NFL in touchdown passes twice (1978 and 1982). In total, Bradshaw passed for 27,989 yards, 212 touchdowns, and 210 interceptions.

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