Pep Guardiola Refuses to Shake Caleb Porter’s Hand After MLS All-Star Game Gets Out of Hand

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The MLS All-Stars surprised the soccer world by beating Bayern Munich 2-1 last night in Portland. It should have been a great moment for American soccer, but instead we’re dealing with what happened after the match.

Upset with the physical nature of play, Munich manager Pep Guardiola refused to shake hands with Caleb Porter, who was leading the American side. He even had the audacity to say he didn’t see him, forgetting the proceedings were televised.

This bit of poor sportsmanship came after several aggressive tackles by MLS players, including one from Osvaldo Alonso which sparked a heated confrontation on the sideline.

It’s widely believed there was a handshake agreement to avoid the type of tackles seen late in the match. Common sense also says a squad of players in mid-season form are going to be in better shape than a squad out of season — not to mention carrying a handful of players in the midst of celebrating a World Cup victory.

All things considered, the last 20 minutes were an extremely awkward watch.

It seems Guardiola eventually saw the error of his ways.

On the bright side, Americans are talking about soccer again this morning. #ByAnyMeansNecessary.

[H/T: Pro Soccer Talk]

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