71-Year-Old Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Amazes NFL Fans With QB Play In Practice

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Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is 71 years old and never played a single down of professional football.

But that didn’t stop Carroll, who is one of just three coaches to win a Super Bowl and college national championship, from carving up the Seattle defense on Thursday.

Carroll took on the role of quarterback during a 7-on-7 session at Seahawks practice and didn’t look at all out of place.

The white-haired veteran coach delivered time and time again with throws from all different arm angles and throwing platforms.

Even Seattle starting QB Geno Smith was impressed.

That’s Pete! That’s Pete, man. He’s the ageless wonder, man,” Smith said of Carroll’s performance after the practice ended. “He’s one of those guys that when you look at him, he motivates you every single day, right?

“You see your head coach out there running sprints. It doesn’t matter how old he is, he’s out there, he’s getting it. It’s hot out here and he’s working as hard as we’re working. And so, when you got a head coach like that, man, it’s not hard to come to work and give it your all.”

Smith’s comments don’t come as much of a surprise. Carroll is known throughout his career to be one of the game’s most player-friendly coaches. But that hasn’t kept him from experiences success at every level.

As for his impressive play at practice, fans were pretty blown away.

If Patrick Mahomes did this twitter would break,” @carsonwright26 said on Twitter.

One of the things that *really* jumps out every time I visit Seattle is that practically every person there who is of Pete Carroll’s age and older seems to age in reverse. It’s honestly the wildest thing to me,” @keiteay said.

Pete Carroll is officially the key to the fountain of youth. Who knew?