Things Get Awkward After Pete Davidson Gets Muted For Asking Jake Paul Uncomfortable Question Backstage Before Paul’s Fight Vs Ben Askren

There was an awkward moment before Saturday night’s Jake Paul-Ben Askren fight.

Throughout the night, comedian Pete Davidson served as the backstage reporter which led to some funny moments like when he joked about the fact about how unprofessional the event was considering they hired him.

Before the start of the main event of Triller’s fight club, Davidson made his way backstage with rapper Jack Harlow to interview Paul.

During the interview, Davidson asked Paul an uncomfortable question that was muted by the live stream and led to Paul telling Davidson “you can’t joke about that.”

It’s unclear what Davidson asked Paul. Some people are speculating Davidson asked Paul about his sexual assault allegations that were recently made against him or his recent comments about having been diagnosed with CTE.

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