SEC Network Anchor Shares Comical Thread About Trying To Cancel His Spectrum Cable Package

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Last week, Spectrum shut off ESPN right before the Florida vs. Utah game was about to kick off, angering college football fans across the nation.

Spectrum and its parent company Charter Communications are embroiled in a dispute with Disney, claiming the House of Mouse is “demanding an excessive increase” in price.

Disney, on the other hand, claimed the company has “been in ongoing negotiations with Charter Communications for some time,” but won’t approve a “new market-based agreement.”

College football fans didn’t care, they just wanted their football.

Among those college football fans who were upset by the dispute was SEC Network anchor Peter Burns.

Burns took to Twitter, err X, after the debacle asking folks which cable provider he should use instead of Spectrum.

Five days later, Burns revealed that he had been trying to cancel his Spectrum cable TV package, but was having some issues. After three attempts, he still was unable to cancel the service.

He then proceeded to chronicle his fourth attempt with a thread on X that many, many people can certainly relate to when it comes to canceling cable.

“Needs y’all thoughts & prayers today,” he wrote.

“As some of you know, I’ve made a big decision that affects not only myself, but my entire family.

“I will attempting to cancel my cable service for the 4th time this week,” he continued.

“8 Hours on hold & I’m still 0/3.

“Praying today’s my lucky day!”

Why does this always happen? Do Comcast reps get extra pay based on the number of call transfers they can make?

On his fourth update at 10:13 a.m., Burns finally shared some positive news.


In his fifth update at 10:30 a.m., Burns wrote, “My Retention guy is super nice. Said they have over 3600 people in the cue on Friday and it’s been steady everyday. Said the average wait time was close to 90 minutes. Also, he was a Michigan State fan but ‘not anymore because they stink.'”

Thankfully for Peter Burns, the Retention guy was finally able to achieve the mission.

Not everyone is so lucky. (Yes, I am looking at you Comcast.)