Peyton Manning Gave Joe Thomas Some Wild Advice On How To Force A Trade

Browns legend Joe Thomas

Getty Image / Jason Miller

In a couple of days, former NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas will take his rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

His enshrinement comes after an incredible career that saw him spend 11 seasons with the Cleveland Browns and earn 8 All-Pro nods.

It turns out that he actually almost ended up leaving the Browns at one point.

Back in 2013, the Denver Broncos were looking for help on their offensive line after star tackle Ryan Clady suffered a major injury.

They decided to approach the Cleveland Browns about a trade for Thomas to get that O-line help, but a deal never ended up getting done.

It turns out that Peyton Manning offered Thomas some wild advice to try and get a deal done.

During an interview today with Adam Schefter, Thomas revealed that Manning told him he should defecate in the GM’s office to force a trade.

“It was a matter of, ‘Joe, I think you should go up to your GM’s office and make a stink. Literally, I want you to go up there, pull your pants down, and make a stink on his desk because that’s the only way Cleveland is going to trade you. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to get out of town,”‘ Thomas said. “‘By the way, you’re my drinking buddy from the Pro Bowl and I think we could win a Super Bowl this year.”‘

Peyton Manning and that Broncos team ended up making a run to the Super Bowl even without Thomas, but fell short against the Seahawks.

Joe Thomas never ended up getting to play for an NFL champion, but things still seemed to work out as he put together a Hall of Fame career without ever having to use his GM’s office as a toilet.