Fox Cameraman Hilariously Strips Peyton Manning During Pass Attempt At NASCAR’s Bristol Race

by 3 years ago

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Well, never thought I’d write that headline, but I just did. Probably like how Peyton Manning thought he’d never retire from football, but just did, you know, after winning a Super Bowl and riding off in the sunset.

At the NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway on Sunday, Manning was hanging out in the pits pre-race with Dale Jr. and Michael Waltrip. Put on the spot to throw the deep ball to Waltrip for the television cameras, Peyton did so, only to get stripped from behind by a cameraman that had found his way around a defensive end.

Hey, who said retirement is easy?

Love how Peyton tried to play it off as cool. Guess that’s all you can do. And you know that cameraman is praying he retains his job right about now. At least Manning got it together for the second pass attempt, and completed it down the middle.

At 1-2 with a fumble, though, we’re not sure how he feels about his QB rating today at Bristol.

[via Fox Sports]

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