Someone Snapped A Picture Of Phil Jackson Riding A NYC Bus And The Internet Absolutely Lost It

So this photo of New York Knicks president and Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson went viral Wednesday night, for obvious reasons, but the reason for him riding the bus in NYC has yet to be determined.

However, it is not for lack of trying to figure out why Phil Jackson would be on a bus as the internet has been going nuts with ideas, jokes and memes ever since the photo blew up on social media.

Of course this could just be a guy who looks EXACTLY LIKE PHIL JACKSON and is riding public buses in New York City, but really, what are the odds of that? A million to one? And if, IF, somehow this is not Phil, it doesn’t make the jokes any less funny whatsoever.

For example…

Of course people also had other thoughts, as one would expect…

Never change, internet.

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