Phil Mickelson Pens Emotional Letter About Addiction To Explain Why He Won’t Bet On Football

Phil Mickelson betting gambling addiction letter message
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Phil Mickelson will not be placing any bets on football this fall as he continues to recover from his severe gambling addiction. He may never place another bet again.

The six-time Major champion has been very transparent about his addition to gambling in recent years. Mickelson used to wager big sums of money on sporting events, as well as on the golf course.

His betting ways have been well-documented. Stories from his past have described his various wagers in great detail and offered insight into his constant betting.

A recent autobiography by Billy Walters — one of Mickelson’s best-known betting partners — claims that the 53-year-old golfer bet more than $1 billion on sports. That number is not confirmed, but it puts the amount of money involved in perspective.

Mickelson wagered millions of dollars, at the very least. It was/is an addiction.

Phil Mickelson heeded warning to other gamblers.

Football season is upon us and sportsbooks are legal now in more states than ever before. A lot of money will be wagered on NFL and college games over the next few months.

Mickelson is not going to place a single bet this season. He detailed how his addiction caused significant “damage” and “hurt” in his life in a 414-word social media post on Monday afternoon.

His message also included an update on his recovery process. Mickelson thanked his wife immensely for her support and noted how years of professional help allows him to go through life with “inner calm and peace.”

Gambling is fun, and Mickelson knows first-hand how much fun it can be. But he crossed a line and hopes to keep others from doing the same.

If you ever cross the line of moderation and enter into addiction, hopefully, you won’t confuse your enablers as friends like I did. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with these difficult moments publicly so others can profit off you like I have.

— Phil Mickelson

If you choose to wager on football or any sport this fall, please let Mickelson’s message be a reminder to do so responsibly.