Kid Throws A Ping-Pong Ball At A Classmate During Class And Gets Put In A Body Bag As A Result


Talk shit get hit, tough guy. (Side note, where is the teacher?). In all seriousness, though, that’s just a classic case of a dude over-reacting. There’s no reason to put a kid in a body bag because he threw a ping-pong ball at you. That’d be like shooting a kid in the dick for throwing the football at you when you weren’t looking. The scales of justice don’t balance. If I was gambling man (I am), I’d put $100 on the fact that the dude who was throwing haymakers has been bullying the other kid since they were in diapers. The kid got fed up and stood up for himself. The problem is that the kid has never stood up for himself ever and doesn’t know how to. “Ok, time to get big.” You want to stand up for yourself, you go set this dude’s dick on fire. You’re already in the science lab. Instead, he threw a hollow plastic ball at him. Good job pal. I’ve seen ants who are strong enough to brush a blow like that off and continue their day. The only problem is that ants aren’t going to turn around and punch your teeth into the back of your throat.