Pistons Pull Through With Thoughtful Package For Monty Williams As Wife Battles Cancer

Pistons new HC Monty Williams

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

The Detroit Pistons recently made a splash hire after reeling in Monty Williams to be their new head coach.

Although he never won a championship with the Phoenix Suns, Williams has proven to be a great coach in the NBA.

But to make things even better, it sounds like Detroit is pulling through after providing a thoughtful package for Williams’ wife, Lisa Keeth, as she is currently battling breast cancer.

According to Joe Pompliano, the Pistons are providing a package consisting of access to a private jet, health care benefits for Monty Williams’ wife, and school assistance for their children.

Pompliano also provides some additional context on this package, which helped Williams finalize his decision to coach in Detroit.

What an awesome move from the Pistons. Shoutout to the front office for really pulling through. Especially considering Williams and his family have to move from Phoenix to Detroit.

Having said that, what a great first impression this organization is making on Monty Williams.

It’s clear Detroit wants to turn things around and the best way to earn a potentially long term relationship with their new head coach is offering packages like this.

Additionally, NBA fans couldn’t help but respect the Pistons for what they’re providing Lisa Keeth.

Big W for the Pistons.

The Pistons really came through for Monty Williams and his family.

With that said, shoutout to Detroit for making this deal come to fruition.

Now, Williams can feel a little more at ease about what’s going on at home.

Additionally, we hope nothing but the best for his wife Lisa.