Pitt Players Got Off Bus In Helmets Ahead Of WVU Game, Many Joked They Feared Being Pelted By Objects Thrown By Rival Fans

A Pitt Panthers helmet on the sidelines before a game.

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The Pitt Panthers took extra precautions when entering enemy territory in Morgantown in preparation of a nasty welcome from West Virginia fans. After hearing tales of opposing players being pelted with objects thrown from the stands, those Pitt players decided to get off the bus with their helmets on.

The team kept that protective gear on as they walked into Mountaineer Field which many took note of over the weekend.

Now, this rivalry is nothing short of pure hatred. Having met over 100 times on the field, the series marks the most historic for each side. Fittingly tabbed as the Backyard Brawl, and these opposing fanbases absolutely despise one another.

And we’ve seen the rivalry have big implications in the past.

In 2007, Pitt knocked a No. 1 ranked West Virginia squad off by a score of 13-9, effectively eliminating the Mountaineers from national championship contention.

Two years later, WVU took down an eighth-ranked Pitt team on the final play of the game to deny the Panthers of a shot at a title.

Unfortunately, since the two schools’ departures from the Big East, we no longer see the contest played annually. So, when the opportunity arises for the rivalry to be renewed, supporters are fully invested.

In anticipation of a rowdy crowd in Morgantown on Saturday, Pitt players got off their team bus in helmets.

Most joked that the equipment was worn in case the West Virginia fanbase decided to start throwing things at players.

The Panthers kept those helmets on as they made their way into the stadium.

Now, the WVU fanbase is a raucous one, regardless of if their team is on top or not. Of course, Pitt’s head coach Pat Narduzzi isn’t completely drama free when it comes to his off-field antics.

If this move was made to throw shade at those rival fans, it backfired.

In Saturday’s case, the Mountaineers would leave with a 17-6 win. Maybe the head games/home field advantage played a role in that outcome.

Pitt should get a chance at revenge next year as the two rivals complete a four-game series that runs through 2025.