By 9 A.M. Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Had Already Killed Johnny Manziel

Maybe on this peaceful Sunday morning you ease into your relaxing day off and indulge in the fine articles on BroBible to get up to speed on all the important news you may have missed or maybe you lay in bed still recovering from your Saturday night festivities hoping someone will bring you an I.V. of caffè caramel macchiato so you can actually go outside at one point today. However some Pittsburgh Steelers fans were busy using their Sunday morning to murder Johnny Manziel. At approximately 9:30 a.m. Steelers fans were busy getting ready for the Pittsburgh game against the Cleveland Browns. And what better way to tailgate than to hang Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel. Steelers fans made an effigy of Manziel even though he’s the backup quarterback and Brian Hoyer will start. The nice thing about Steelers fans is that they’ll always tell you how they really feel and never leave you hanging.