Players Are Constantly Slipping On NFL’s $800K Field During Super Bowl

Super Bowl

The NFL has serious field issues on its hands during the Super Bowl.

Before the Super Bowl, the league touted the benefits of the state-of-the-art field.

Via Associated Press

“For this one, obviously, we’re giving it a little extra care,” said Nick Pappas, who is one of the NFL’s field surface directors, to the Associated Press this week. “We’ve got a lot of groundskeepers here for about a month, putting eyes on it, putting hands on it, working on it all day, every day, getting it ready for game day.”

The home field of the Arizona Cardinals is unique in that the grass is on a giant, rolling track. Every day, the entire field is rolled outside of the retractable roof stadium, where it can get unobstructed access to Arizona’s abundant sunshine. Then it can be rolled back inside for the chilly winter nights.

According to sports business journalist Joe Pompliano the NFL spent $800k maintaining the Bermuda grass field in State Farm Stadium.

Unfortunately, State Farm Arena is getting a reputation of being a terrible field to play on.

On Sunday several players were slipping on the field during the game.

Fans crushed the league over the terrible field conditions.

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