Police Check On Ja Morant After Suspicious Social Media Activity, Ja Explains Himself

Ja Morant

Getty Image / Justin Ford

On Wednesday morning, Ja Morant sent, and later deleted, some posts on his Instagram Story that raised concerns from NBA fans.

Due to some of the scrutiny the Memphis Grizzlies star has faced this year led many to believe his cryptic posts may have been a cry for help.

As it turns out, those suspicions eventually led to police conducting a welfare check on Ja Morant.

According to TMZ, “they discovered he is not in any danger.”

From the sounds of it, Ja Morant explained to police that he’s simply taking a break from social media.

“A spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said cops went to the NBA star’s home in Tennessee shortly after Morant shared the concerning messages on his Instagram page and they say he told them simply ‘that he is taking a break from social media.'”

NBA fans everywhere can breath a sigh of relief. Luckily, police were able to conclude that Ja Morant is fine and that he’s simply taking a break from social media.

Which is probably a great decision on his part due to his recent behavior.

On Wednesday, Morant posted four messages to his family members, then ended it with a single image of himself with the caption, “bye.”

Many fans assumed the worst. Especially after the Grizzlies star deleted them off his of Instagram Story.

It was a situation that could have been substantially worse. But NBA fans everywhere are happy to know that Ja Morant is fine after the police conducted their welfare check.

Pretty much everyone feels the same way.

With that said, Morant is still facing a potentially serious punishment from the NBA after flashing a gun twice on social media in a three month span.

He’s not out of the woodworks yet. But thankfully, he’s not in a dire situation. We hope he can turn things around and be the superstar talent on and off the court.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as Adam Silver and the league should finalize a decision on Morant this summer.