Ja Morant’s Now Deleted IG Story Has NBA Fans Everywhere Worried About Him

NBA star Ja Morant

Getty Image / Justin Ford

It’s been a weird year for Ja Morant so far after he flashed a gun not once, but twice on social media.

That’s in addition to the other incidences that have happened in the past.

The Memphis Grizzlies superstar is facing potentially serious consequences from the NBA after violating league rules. Adam Silver should be making a decision on that sometime during the summer.

However, Ja Morant shared an Instagram Story, that has since been deleted, and it has NBA fans worried for him.

It consisted of four images of his family. He says “love ya” to his sister, mom, dad, and his daughter. But the final image in the Story is what set off alarms for fans.

Morant posted a picture of himself (with his back turned), simply saying “bye.”

For all we know, this could be a harmless post. Morant very well could just be saying “bye” to social media. Which would probably be a great decision for his career.

On the other hand, it is a bit odd to say “bye” like that after showing love to family members. For that reason, any concern people have are valid.

It’s unclear what the intentions are behind the posts. Regardless, NBA fans show their concern and support for Ja Morant.

Cryptic messages always stir different reactions.

We’re all hoping this is the case.

This NBA fan seems convinced something serious could be going on with Ja Morant.

We hope nothing but the best for Ja Morant. It’s been a troubling year so far, but perhaps an offseason getting the help he needs can turn things around.

With that said, look for updates regarding Morant. A potential punishment should be coming to fruition soon. Additionally, keep an eye out for any positive updates about the Grizzlies superstar.