Place Your Bets Because This Prediction Is Flawless: Puppies Predict Super Bowl 51 Winner

The science here is flawless, and we now know which team is going to win Super Bowl 51 in Houston on Sunday. I say that it’s ‘flawless’ because puppies are infallible and thus incapable of making mistakes. Even when puppies chew up toilet paper or furniture they’re not doing anything wrong. They’re just puppies and causing minor fits of mayhem is what they’re supposed to do.

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy gathered together a group of absofuckinglutely adorable English Golden Retriever puppies and had them pick the Super Bowl 51 champion. Actually, he never said what breed of dog the puppies are but I’m 99.99% certain they’re English Golden Retrievers.

Moving on, Jimmy laid out two bowls of kibble filled with equal amounts of food, and he let the puppies choose which bowl to eat from. I think it’s obvious that Jimmy Fallon isn’t a dog person because he kept those eager puppies trapped behind the glass wall forever while announcing their names. Your typical ‘dog person’ would’ve popped open that barrier immediately and let those puppies run free, but Jimmy had to set the scene for his sketch.

Once the puppies were released they flocked to the Atlanta Falcons bowl, but it was fairly close, so I think we can expect a tight game on Sunday.

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