Need Some Motivation? Watch This 50-Year-Old Man Do 2,220 Push Ups In 60 Minutes And Set A World Record

Feeling lazy and looking for something that will provide you with some morsel of motivation? How about this bro setting the Guinness World Record for ‘most push ups in an hour’ by banging out 2,220 push ups in sixty minutes. By doing 2,220 push ups in an hour he managed to break the world record held by none other than himself, which previously sat at 1,874. Also, I forgot to mention that Carlton Williams, the man who set this world record, is 50 years old.

Yes, this video is a whole sixty minutes long (that’s 3,600 seconds of you watching push ups), but if you want to truly get motivated then I suggest popping this video open, hitting play, and watching this dude set a goddamn world record in push ups.

We first covered news of this world record back in August but at that time there was only a cut reel showing less than 3 minutes of his world record setting feat. As reported back then Carlton Williams claimed he didn’t really feel any pain at all during his world record setting performance. Apparently he’s been coping with a shoulder injury for a decent portion of his life and that has taught him to endure intense pain. For more details on this push ups world record follow that link above!

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