Worst World Cup Ever In Store As Reports Indicate No Beer Will Be Sold At The Stadiums In Qatar

Report: No Beer Will Be Sold In Stadiums At 2022 Qatar World Cup

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As we inch ever closer to this Fall/Winter’s World Cup in Qatar, FIFA — the perpetually corrupt organization that organized it — continue to reap what they show, as every new report out of the controversial country makes the event sound worse and worse.

In late June, we brought you the reports that visiting soccer fans who engage in premarital sex — and homosexuality, for that matter — face up to seven years in Qatari prison. Similarly, a public drinking charge would reportedly result in a six-month prison sentence.

Now, according to Reuters, beer — a foundational staple of soccer culture — will not be served in stadiums at the 2022 World Cup. A World Cup without sex and beer. Way to go, FIFA!

This, of course, isn’t even mentioning the horrifying reports that over 6,500 workers died while working on building the stadiums for the event. With the 2022 World Cup now seeming like an undoubted disaster, FIFA deserves every ounce of controversy and criticism that follows.

The 2022 World Cup, which — unlike the 2018 edition — the United States Men’s National Team actually qualified for, is set to begin on Monday, November 21, and culminate with a final on Sunday, December 18.

While a World Cup happening in the late Fall instead of the early Summer is certainly a bummer for soccer fans around the globe, American fans have been buoyed by the fact that the United States will be playing England on Boxing Day, which will surely be the most-watched game in the history of Amerian soccer.