Raiders Won’t Fire HC Josh McDaniels For 1 Specific Reason And We Finally Know Why

Raiders Won't Fire HC Josh McDaniels And We Finally Know Why

Getty Image / Sean Gardner

The Las Vegas Raiders are one of the most disappointing teams in the league this season. Nearly everyone had them pegged as a playoff contender. Instead, they’re at the bottom of the barrel with the fans calling for Josh McDaniels’ job. However, it turns out Vegas can’t fire their head coach for one very specific reason.

According to Bill Plaschke, Las Vegas can’t fire Josh McDaniels for financial reasons. The Raiders can’t move on from their head coach as “they don’t have the money to fire him. He’ll be the coach this year and next year.”

Vegas being strapped for cash is the most ironic statement one could muster. Even so, it sounds like the Raiders used their budget to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach. This is a terrible look for the organization, as nothing has gone right this season.

It gets even worse when you remember how well this team played with Rich Bisaccia leading the way as the interim. Maybe Josh McDaniels can turn things around by next season and everything will be fine and dandy. However, based on his track record, the Raiders might be doomed this and next season.