Rams Rookie CB Ejected For Brutal Facemask Tackle Of Broncos Rookie WR Marvin Mims

Marvin Mims

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In a preseason game between the Rams and the Broncos, Rams rookie cornerback Tre Tomlinson was ejected after violent facemask tackle on Broncos rookie wide receiver Marvin Mims.

The incident occurred merely nine plays into the game, when Tomlinson, a 6th round pick for the Rams, made a forceful facemask tackle on Mims during a first-and-goal play.

The tackle resulted in Tomlinson grabbing Mims’ facemask and aggressively twisting his head to the ground at the 1-yard line.

The officials wasted no time in making the decision to eject Tomlinson from the game due to the severity of the penalty.

Tomlinson’s night came to a premature end, leaving the Rams a man short in their defensive lineup. Despite his early exit, Tomlinson managed to record four tackles during the short time he was on the field.

On the receiving end of the tackle, Marvin Mims Jr., a 2nd round pick for the Broncos, showcased his resilience by continuing to play after the aggressive hit.

Mims not only absorbed the hit but also managed to contribute to his team’s performance, recording two catches for a total of 51 yards in addition to the play where he was tackled.