Randy Moss’ Thoughts On Weed In The NFL Are About As Perfect As Anything You’ll Ever Hear

Randy Moss Vikings

Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss was one of the most explosive players to ever suit up in the NFL, as he set numerous rookie records in his first season with the Minnesota Vikings in 1999 and just continued to tear up defenses until his retirement in 2013.

Moss, who was a polarizing figure due to his laid-back nature, addressed the one issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind in the NFL these days—weed. And he offered up some of the simplest advice surrounding the topic, telling SI.com this:

Do you think the NFL should remove marijuana from its list of banned substances?

MOSS: I think the NFL just needs to loosen up the rules and let everybody live.

With that type of attitude, can someone please tell me why Randy Moss isn’t replacing Roger Goodell as commissioner of the league right this very second?

The six-time Pro Bowler then addressed the whole Laremy Tunsil situation, as Tunsil’s Twitter account was hacked on draft night showing him smoking something in a gas mask, causing him to slide down team’s boards and costing him millions of dollars in the process.

MOSS: My definition of “character issues” is based on if a guy is hurting his teammates. I think when you are caught on camera smoking something or slamming a six-pack of beer, that’s not a character issue. I think if a guy is out there driving under the influence, beating women or doing something that will really hurt others, that’s where you have to be able to draw the line. I don’t know what [Tunsil] was smoking in the video on social media, but he wasn’t hurting nobody. He was just doing it to himself. So people are calling that a character issue? That’s not a character issue; the young man is just being himself. There are a lot worse things out there that people can put on social media. I think the impact is based on hurting anybody else and putting anybody else’s life at risk. There are certain things where you have to draw the line. But there is going to be something new every year, so get ready for this story for next year.

While Randy Moss isn’t perceived to be the most qualified person to tell the NFL to consider changing its rules—hell, he even admitted to puffing the cheeba in 2005 while still at the top of his game—but he’s got a fucking point here. Maybe it’s time the league just allows players to smoke pot and not be so harsh on a drug that’s legal in plenty of U.S. states already.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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