Randy Moss Says Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Personally Apologized To Him For Passing On Him In The NFL Draft

Randy Moss

Paul Buck/Getty Images

Former NFL star Randy Moss revealed that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones personally apologized to him for not drafting him during the 1998 NFL Draft.

Moss made this revelation during an interview on the Rich Eisen Show, shedding light on a memorable encounter with Jones.

During the interview, Moss recounted an unexpected encounter with Jones while he was working for ESPN.

According to Moss, Jones approached with a big huge and offered him an apology for not selecting him in the 1998 Draft.

Moss said about the gesture, “It really felt good because of how many emotions I had on draft day.”

When Rich Eisen asked Moss if he was surprised by Jones’s apology, Moss admitted, “I was definitely surprised by him. That man is worth so many billions of dollars, he didn’t have to do that. It just meant a lot because I had everything tied into draft day about me being a Dallas Cowboys. It put everything in perspective for me.”

The 1998 NFL Draft marked a pivotal moment in Moss’s career. At the time, Jones and the Cowboys decided to pass on Moss due to concerns about his character, opting for the “safer pick” in defensive end Greg Ellis with the eighth overall selection. Moss ultimately fell to the Minnesota Vikings, who chose him at No. 21.

Moss’ rookie season included a memorable Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys, during which Moss caught three passes for an astonishing 163 yards and three touchdowns, with each touchdown being a long play of 51, 56, and 56 yards.

Reflecting on his draft experience, Moss revealed that he had been told by the Cowboys that they would select him if he was available around the 8th overall pick. Moss says he was “a little bitter” it didn’t happen because he already told his family he’ll join the Cowboys before the draft..

While Greg Ellis had a respectable career with a Pro-Bow selection and 84 sacks, Randy Moss went on to become a football legend, ultimately earning a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.