Ray Lewis Was Caught Intensely Checking His Phone On Live TV

Before the Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts, Ray Lewis must have gotten an urgent text because he was on his phone during the live broadcast for a full 20-seconds.

During Monday NFL Countdown, Lewis was completely engrossed with his phone despite there being on a live television show and his co-hosts talking about the upcoming football game.

It had to be a text right? Like I hope he wasn’t checking the local weather for tomorrow in Indianapolis to see if it will be a good day to go apple picking. So what was on this ever so important text message?

“Hi Ray-Ray, what time are you going to be on TV?” – MOM

“I can’t do October 10th for the cookout, I have to take the kids to a birthday party that day, how about October 17th?” – GROUP MESSAGE

“I can’t make it to the cookout if it’s OCT. 17, we’re having an open house.” – GROUP MESSAGE

“Where are you guys moving?” – GROUP MESSAGE

“How about the 24th?” – GROUP MESSAGE

“James got a job in Fayetteville, so we’re moving there.” – GROUP MESSAGE

“When are you coming to see the kids?” – BABY MAMA #4

“Sorry, we have a Halloween party on the 24th.” – GROUP MESSAGE

“Goin to the Miami game against Clemson on the 24th, can’t make it.” – GROUP MESSAGE

“There’s a great Korean BBQ in Fayetteville, I forget the name though.” – GROUP TEXT

“What section are you sitting in?” – GROUP MESSAGE

“Fuck it. The cookout is canceled.” – GROUP MESSAGE

Who are we kidding, it had to be a sext for him to be straight-up gawking at it for that long.