Golf World Reacts To Cam Smith’s Non-Committal Response When Asked About Joining The LIV Tour

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Rumors are beginning to swirl around another potential big-name departure from the PGA Tour.

Cam Smith became the first Australian golfer to win the British Open since LIV Tour founder Greg Norman achieved the feat in 1993. Now, Smith is being linked to Norman’s Saudi-backed league, which could mean a defection from the PGA.

Smith is fresh off of a come-from-behind victory at St. Andrews, where he was able to overtake Cameron Young and Rory McIlroy on the final day of action. Smith’s round of 64 on Sunday helped him pull off one of the most improbable upsets in recent memory.

Smith shared his plans of a big celebration upon landing the Claret Jug, but it wasn’t long after his Open win that he was faced with answering questions on a different topic. Just hours after the tournament, the Aussie was asked about rumors that he could defect from the PGA in order to play on the LIV Tour.

Smith was visibly peeved by the question, and he gave the reporter a very non-committal response about his future.

“I just won the British Open and you’re asking about that, I think that’s pretty not that good. I don’t know mate, my team around me worries about all that stuff, I’m here to win golf tournaments.”

The answer has many around the golf world wondering if he’s the next big name to join the LIV.

Golf world reacts to Cam Smith’s non-committal response about joining the LIV Tour

Smith didn’t come out and say that he plans to leave the PGA, but he certainly didn’t deny the possibility of joining the LIV Tour, either.

The response caught the attention of golf fans on social media, who now believe that he’s destined to defect.

If Smith does leave, it would be yet another crushing blow to the PGA Tour. They’ve already lost the likes of Dustin Johnson, Bryson Dechambeau, and Brooks Koepka. Losing another young star, who just won the most historic major in golf, would be significant.

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