Cam Smith Gives Hilarious Response On How He Plans To Celebrate His Open Win With The Claret Jug

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Cam Smith plans on drinking some beer to celebrate his win at The British Open this weekend. A lot of beer.

The PGA star pulled off an improbable comeback on Sunday to overtake Cameron Young and Rory McIlroy and land the Claret Jug at St. Andrews. And he intends to put that trophy to use.

Smith was asked about his post-tournament plans following the big win, and he gave an all-time response.

I’m definitely going to find out how many beers fit in this thing [the Claret Jug].”

He doubled down on the celebration in his postgame press conference.

Cam Smith plans to drink 40 beers after his win at The British Open

Cam Smith had an unbelievable final round, shooting a 64 on Sunday. He racked up six birdies on the back nine to barely edge Rory McIlroy and Cameron Young.

Now, he can sit back and relax, and it sounds like the mullet-rocking star plans to do just that.

Cam Smith said he’s going to drink upwards of 40 beers after the “unreal” performance.

“I’ll probably have about 20 Claret Jugs.”

Smith estimates that the winning trophy holds two beers, saying he’ll have about 20 Claret Jugs as a nightcap to celebrate the big win.

A very fitting way to end the day.

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