Watch: Minor Leaguer Pimps HR Only To Learn It Didn’t Actually Leave The Ballpark After Rounding The Bases

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One minor league baseball player is going viral on Thursday night for an embarrassing gaffe. Delvin Perez, an infielder on the Memphis Redbirds, believed he’d launched a home run in his most recent outing against the Gwinnett Stripers.

He was so confident in the ball leaving the park that he gave a bat flip, took a moment to watch the blast, and casually strolled down the first base line.

Unfortunately, he was mistaken.

The fly ball was knocked down by the wind, resulting in a can of corn for the Gwinnett left fielder. Perez, meanwhile, was unaware that a catch was made in the outfield.

He was still taking that casual jog around the basepaths, still believing that he’d put another run on the board for his team. In fact, he wouldn’t learn that an out had been recorded until he got all the way back to home plate.

The now viral clip of the hitter circling the bases for no reason at all is making its way around social media.

Delvin Perez embarrassingly rounds bases on an out he believed was a HR

Delvin Perez’s mood went from the ultimate high of hitting a HR to the embarrassing low of learning that it was caught for an out. Even the announcers in the booth couldn’t help but make a little fun of the minor leaguer.

“He thought that was gone… Perez, I think, still thinks it’s out. Oh no, he’s going around the bases. He thinks it’s gone! He pimped it.”

Not the best moment for the youngster. Next time, he’ll make sure it leaves the ballpark before making his trot around the bases.

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