Jay Gruden Has (Finally) Been Fired By The Redskins After An Impressively Miserable Start To The Season

by 9 months ago
redskins fire jay gruden

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When you consider Vegas predicted they wouldn’t win more than six games, it’s safe to say nobody really expected much from the Washington Redskins heading into this season. However, it’s starting to look like anyone who hammered the under is going to walk away with a payday.

The Redskins came into Sunday’s game against the Patriots sitting at 0-4—a record that predictably dropped to 0-5 after they got trounced by a score of 33-7 during a home game that was largely populated by New England fans.

There had been plenty of speculation concerning the ultimate fate of Jay Gruden ahead of the contest and it appeared the hot seat had only gotten hotter by the time things wrapped up.

After the game, running back Chris Thompson was asked about the Gruden situation and it appeared he knew the head coach’s fate was essentially sealed based on how choked up he got.

Based on what he had to say, it appeared Gruden also saw the writing on the wall.

Now, it would appear his key will not be working, as we have learned the Redskins have decided to part ways with their (now former) coach.

It’s safe to say Gruden didn’t exactly do himself any favors when he admitted he was totally unprepared to face off against the Patriots, and while his 35-49 record during his time with the Redskins is really all the justification the team needed, it’s also worth noting he was fired the same week a video came out that appeared to show him smoking weed.

I can only hope the video in question doesn’t disqualify him from coaching in the XFL because that’s probably the only place he’ll be able to find a home after this.

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