Scary Moment As Referee Bert Smith Collapses On The Court During Gonzaga-USC Elite Eight Game

There was a scary moment in Tuesday night’s Elite Eight game between Gonzaga and USC.

In the first quarter of the game, referee Bert Smith abruptly collapsed on the court.

Here’s the alternate angle of the referee collapsing and you could just see him falling back to the ground.

The referee looked dizzy and off-balance just a few moments

Thankfully Smith regained consciousness and was stretchered off the court.

Update: Rules analyst Gene Steratore gave an update on Smith’s health status.

“He was feeling light-headed on the court and fell,” . “He’s being attended to by trainers in the locker room. He is stable. What they will do now is Tony Chiazza, who was scheduled to be the standby alternate for the second game this evening will now move up and be the standby alternate for this game and the second game through the remainder of the evening.”