Report: Nicki Minaj’s Camp Leaked The D’Angelo Russell Video To Get Revenge On Iggy Azalea

It looks like the D’Angelo Russell/Nick Young/ Iggy Azalea situation is taking another hilarious turn.

According to someone who works at “Fameolous“, the website that originally leaked the D’Angelo Russell video on the Internet, Nicki Minaj’s camp were the ones who sent them the video to get back at Iggy Azalea for talking about Nicki a few weeks ago.

Via ESPN 97.5 Houston

Everyone got the story wrong. Last week, Iggy took a couple shots at Nicki Minaj on Bravo TV by basically saying that Nicki didn’t write her own raps. The next day Russell had the video on his Snapchat Someone at Nicki Minaj’s camp recorded it and sent it in. They said put this out cause Iggy want to talk mess about Nicki, put this out and let Iggy know what her fiancé is doing.

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Although that seems perfectly reasonable explanation, there are still a ton of questions to be answered. Can we trust someone from a website called “Fameolous”? Could it have just been a bitter fan of Nicki’s who wanted to get back at Iggy and not someone from her actual camp? Why did no one else notice this Snapchat video?

So many questions but in the end it doesn’t really matter. D’Angelo Russell was dumb and recorded something he had no business recording then shared it on the Internet. It’s his fault and he has only himself to blame.

Let’s just hope he learns from this and that his teammates eventually forgive him for being a fucking idiot.