Report Reveals What Philadelphia 76ers Are Looking To Get Out Of A James Harden Trade

Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers are currently locked in a standoff over Harden’s trade request from earlier this summer.

The team seemingly hasn’t even gotten close to finding a deal to move the former scoring champion.

However, it has now been revealed what the team is looking to get in return for Harden.

According to Yahoo’s Vince Goodwill, the 76ers want to secure some first round picks if they are going to deal Harden as Daryl Morey prepares for the possibility of the 76ers once again becoming a rebuilding franchise.

This is something the Clippers don’t really hav available to offer for Harden as the Thunder own two of the Clippers’ next 3 first rounders and have the right to swap picks in the other year.

That should mean that the Clippers are just about out of the running to land James Harden.

With them seemingly not being an option for Harden, the big question now becomes who the 76ers can even trade the former MVP to.

Any team that would be interested in Harden would be one that believes he could be their missing piece to win this year. There are a limited number of teams that will head into this year with those aspirations that also need a point guard.

The Heat fit that mold, but are more interested in Damian Lillard.

The top of the Western Conference is pretty set on guards.

There had been talk of the Knicks as a potential suitor when Harden first decided he wanted out, but it’s hard to picture Tom Thibodeau wanting Harden.

With the season just a couple of months away the Philadelphia 76ers are going to have some big decisions to make about potentially trading Harden and whatever they choose could end up having a big impact on Joel Embiid’s future as well.