Report: Video And Pics Captured Several Panthers Players Threatening Odell Beckham Jr. With Baseball Bats

Well, this whole Odell Beckham Jr-Josh Norman thing just took a wild turn that, I guarantee, no one would have ever guessed could happen.

As all of us have seen or heard by now, the two got into numerous scuffles during yesterday’s game, resulting in OBJ absolutely losing his cool and giving one of the cheapest shots I’ve ever seen straight to the dome of Norman—immediately hurting the wideouts reputation among media members.

While I can’t condone Beckham’s behavior on the gridiron yesterday—which included his disrespectful stepover Norman for the game-tying touchdown, too—ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that there might have been a reason the Pro Bowler was so pissed off, baseball bats!

In pregame warmups, at least one Panthers official, and possibly more, carried black baseball bats on to the field and…

Posted by Adam Schefter on Monday, December 21, 2015

And, while that may seem crazy to believe, social media has caught it all, with Carolina practice squad player Marcus Ball seen yelling towards Giants players as they made their way to the field.

ELI greets his teammates as they take the field! #CARvsNYG 🏈

A video posted by New York Giants (@nygiants) on

The bat eventually made its way to Norman, who, allegedly, was seen running his mouth towards OBJ with it in his hands.

That seemed to set a precedent for the receiver that this was the type of game the Panthers were going to play, according to Giants beat writer Art Stapleton’s Twitter:

While Carolina is denying any threats were made, one has to wonder what in the hell a baseball bat was doing on the football field in the first place, with visual evidence of Panthers players holding it and, appearing to, threaten New York players with it, per Jay Glazer of Fox Sports’ Twitter.

There have been some crazy things in football before—especially this season—but not since Jose Bautista’s epic bat flip or Justin Bieber’s dick has a piece of wood gotten this much attention.

And, in an update, someone even created a Twitter account as the Panthers bat asking OBJ not to lose his cool.

God bless the Internet.

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