Rex Grossman Chooses Kite Surfing With Family Over Playing QB For The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback this weekend. So desperate, in fact, that they reached out to the Sex Cannon, Rex Grossman, to see if he could come fill in for them.

But ol’ Rex apparently has a better way to spend his Christmas than playing in a meaningless NFL game.

Whoa. They said Clark Griswold was the last true family man but they were wrong. Look at Grossman just shunning an opportunity to play professional football again in favor of drinking egg nog and stuff.

Yes. What a Bro. I can’t think of a better power move than turning down a starting quarterback job because you want to catch some sick air with a kite.

Perhaps this is just an elaborate ploy to make himself more marketable for next season. Perhaps he realizes getting one’s head bashed in for a few bucks isn’t really all that awesome. Perhaps he just freaking LOVES kite surfing. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I like Grossman 100 times more than I did last night.

[H/T: Yahoo Sports]