Rex Ryan Thinks Tom Brady’s Aiming To Get Him Canned This Weekend

Rex Ryan Fuck Yeah

If there’s one thing all of us can count on from Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, it’s giving us hilarious moments and even better soundbites.

Ryan, who has a huge rivalry with Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, knows that, with this weekend’s matchup against the Pats, Brady might just be doing their best to get ol’ Sexy Rexy canned, with the Bills coach saying this when asked if this is a good time to face the Patriots after their subpar game last week against the Giants, per NESN:

“They rattled for 200, for over 200 yards passing in a quarter,” Ryan exaggerated to reporters in Buffalo. “So what is that 800, (if) he threw for 800 yards against us — if that happens, I will join my brother in unemployment line. Brady will try and do that, you watch.”

You’ve got to love Ryan’s honesty with this one, as well as his absolute cheapshot at twin brother Rob Ryan, who was just canned as the New Orleans Saints’ defensive coordinator after a pathetic showing this season, with the Bills coach using some strange method to inspire his team to beat the mighty Pats.

In atypical fashion, Rex didn’t stop there, though, actually praising New England by saying he thinks they’re “arguably the best team in football right now,” and that Belichick is the “greatest coach of all time.” This doesn’t sound like the Rex we all know, so I can’t help but think that all of these compliments are just a method to Rex Ryan’s madness.

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