Former WWE Champion Officially Done With The Company

In perhaps the least surprising WWE news of the week — besides the shocking development of Triple H and Steph being elected to the Board of Directors — is that a former WWE champion is officially done with the company. It’s not a total surprise, considering the guy hasn’t wrestled in months.

According to PWInsider, and proven true by the alumni section of the official WWE website, Rey Mysterio said adios this week.

There are rumors that Rey negotiated his release but PWInsider reports that his WWE contract actually expired and was not renewed. We’ve noted how there have been issues between Rey and WWE for some time. While expecting to leave the company, Rey was upset that WWE extended his previous deal because he was out of action for so long with injuries.

Rey will have no trouble finding work with other promotions. Konnan is already reportedly working on setting up dates for Mysterio and announcements could come as soon as tomorrow. There were plans for some kind of big reveal but news getting out today probably nixed those plans.

Mysterio’s run in the WWE was good one but father time and injuries eventually hampered his ability to work on a consistent basis. I’m personally hoping for a Konnan and Rey reunion. If not in the ring, at least in the recording studio.

Viva La Jncos!

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Triple H Discusses His Biggest Accomplishment Outside Ring And It’s Surprisingly Not Crock Pot Recipe Collecting

Triple H sat down (or maybe he stood, I can’t confirm or deny either) for an interview with For The Win. They asked the tough questions of the WWE exec, stuff like favorite match, best Blizzard blend-in and what color is the fucking dress, and turned their attention to Triple’s greatest accomplishments outside the ring. Please say crock pot recipe collecting, please say crock pot…

“We didn’t even have a department called ‘talent development‘ when I came in. It was a concept that I pitched to Vince, that I said ‘we have talent relations and all this stuff that we do with talent, but we’re not doing anything to develop the future.’ Or very little, I should say. And we started a division called talent development that I just grabbed, and Vince thankfully gave me the freedom and the trust and confidence and ability to be able to create this.”

Damn it! I was sure he was going to say…

Anyway, Triple H is talking about NXT, obviously, and it’s been an amazing product that has adequately replaced all of the smaller federations and territories that the WWE ran out of business years ago.

Former ECW Champion Back With WWE

After getting a tryout last week, former ECW and United States Champion Rhyno was officially added to the NXT roster. You thought I was going to say Johnny Hot Body, didn’t you?

John Cena Names His Favorite Wrestlers That His Continual Push Has Been Holding Back

The Champ (give it time) is here! John Cena, Agent Orange and Stephanie McMahon visited Google yesterday. During the visit, Hogan and Cena did a Q&A on social media. Cena was asked about the most underutilized guys on the roster. Take it away, John!


Yeah, the internet likes those guys too, John, and they’d like to see them used more often. Let’s do something about that.

Other reasons Cesaro rules — this is how he pumps gas.

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