WWE Legend Ric Flair Calls Out LaVar Ball For Saying He’s Undefeated ‘That’s Because He Hasn’t Run Into Me’

by 2 years ago

Last month on “First Take” the outspoke LaVar Ball got into a shouting match with Stephen A. Smith about his one-on-one prowess claiming that he was “undefeated” on the court.

While speaking to NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, WWE legend had some few choice words for Ball.

He told Stephen A. Smith, ‘I’m undefeated.’ That’s only because he hasn’t run into me,”

Flair had more thoughts on LaVar Ball and how he’s handling his son.

“The kid is absolutely phenomenal, but he’s putting him in a very uncomfortable position. Now, I’ve lived vicariously through my daughter a few times. I’m guilty of it, but come on. I think he puts him in a very difficult position with a lot of pressure on him.

I would pay full price to watch LaVar Ball and Ric Flair wrestle in a WWE ring.

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