Ric Flair Once Got So High With Mike Tyson That He Thought He Died

ric flair salutes the crowd in his robe

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Ric Flair recalls the time he got so high with legendary boxer Mike Tyson that he actually thought he died. Flair said it felt like “when I was in my coma,” he explained to Theo Von.

Flair has been spotted multiple times smoking weed with Iron Mike over the past couple of years.

“I got so high with Mike one night,” Flair recalled. “So high. We’re partners in the cannabis business. Got so high with Mike one night in The Hamptons that I went, it’s called a um, a cannabis coma, right?

“I mean, I actually thought I died. I said to myself, and they they brought me back to my room. and I thought, I mean I wasn’t aware of anything. I kept asking people to touch, you know, like you do when you think it better hurt and people were squeezing my hand, but I’d be talking to him and they wouldn’t talk back to me. And I was like, you know, on a delayed process, right?

“And I said to myself, ‘Did I die? Did I just die?’ Because I felt like I did when I was in my coma, but I can think. I don’t think I could think when I was in my coma.

“I mean, that’s the way I was talking to myself,” Ric Flair continued. “So all of a sudden, I mean everything possible, like the room, finally at three o’clock in the morning I kind of sat up like Linda Blair and went, ‘I’m back.’

“I called someone on the phone and was like, ‘Is this really you?’

“Oh my God! I said I take my clothes off at the dining room table or anything? Let me know what I’ve done wrong. All I could think of what I possibly could have done wrong.”

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