LIV Golfer Hilariously Apologizes For Tweeting Under The Influence

A view of a flag on a golf green.


Richard Bland learned a valuable lesson over the weekend when it comes to the combination of social media and alcohol consumption. The LIV golfer issued a recent apology for tweeting under the influence.

Bland was seen in an online spat with DP Tour member Eddie Pepperell about LIV’s most recent tournament in Australia. The back and forth did not end well for the golfer.

The main topic of discussion was the famed “Watering Hole” on the 12th green at Grange Golf Club in Adelaide. On Saturday, we saw Chase Koepka nail a hole in one on the par-three, resulting in a shower of beer at the tee box.

Bland took the awesome scene as an opportunity to push a pro-LIV message about how the league is changing the game of golf.

Eddie Pepperell, who plays on the European Tour, came back to note that there are a number of “party holes” throughout all golf series, and that this LIV tournament provided nothing new.

Bland quickly snapped back.

“Ed… tell me where on the DP World there’s been a hole like this? Because in 22 years of playing the tour I can’t think of any. But maybe in your 15 minutes on tour you know different.”

Pepperell, who’s already won more on the DP Tour than Richard Bland despite being 18 years younger, then absolutely buried his foe.

Shots fired, and it’s safe to say the message was received.

After realizing he’d entered an unwanted feud, Bland backed down and apologized. He blamed the booze for his Twitter fingers and cleared things up with Pepperell.

He’d go on to post another message saying, “Lesson learned. All said and done… I hope you’re well, mate,” in response to his online actions. Bland will hopefully lock his phone the next time he has a night on the town.