Chase Koepka Hit An Ace At The ‘Watering Hole’ And The Scene Was Absolutely Electric

Chase Koepka celebrates a hole in one at LIV Adelaide.

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Chase Koepka is going viral for his play at LIV Adelaide this weekend. The golfer smashed a hole in one in Australia which led to an insane scene.

The ace came on the 12th hole, which is nicknamed “The Watering Hole” for the awesome crowd reaction. When a shot goes in off the tee box, attendees join in on the celebration.

Much like the famed 16th hole at the Waste Management in Arizona, the 12th hole at Grange Golf Club in Adelaide provides ultimate party scenes.

And those vibes were on full display after an incredible shot from Koepka.

The Aussies in the crowd lost it after Koepka’s hole in one with beer and cups raining down on the golfer below. Koepka, himself, was pumped as he proceeded to chest bump his entire group in excitement.

Fans quickly commented on the scene by posting their reactions online.

One person wrote, “That’s just a great moment for global golf.” Another golf fan said, “The best golf celebration ever!”

Koepka also reflected on the moment, posting his own response to his incredible shot.

“Day I’ll never forget thanks Adelaide for making this one special!”

An amazing shot, and an even better celebration.

Chase Koepka would end the tournament at -10 which was good for a 24th-place finish. His best performance came in the third and final round, thanks in part to this epic hole in one.