Richard Jefferson Has Hilarious Response To Paolo Banchero Trying To Recruit Kevin Durant


Getty Image / Elsa

  • Paolo Banchero posted a picture yesterday of Kevin Durant in an Orlando Magic jersey
  • Richard Jefferson had a hilarious response to the picture
  • He pointed out that any trade sending Durant to the Magic would probably involve Banchero joining the Nets

The Kevin Durant sweepstakes is officially underway in the NBA. With him requesting a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets, teams around the league are sure to begin putting together offers for one of the league’s most talented players.

The Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat have already been named as preferred destinations for Durant and the Lakers are reportedly preparing an offer to land both Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Now there’s a surprising new member trying to throw themselves in the mix to land Kevin Durant. Yesterday, Paolo Banchero posted a picture of Durant in an Orlando Magic jersey.

After the picture was posted, it was discussed on NBA Today and Richard Jefferson had a hilarious take on the picture.

Jefferson is probably right about this. When the Nets trade Durant, that trade is most likely going to consist of some massive mix of picks and young talent.

The Magic do have plenty of young talent on their roster that they could offer the Nets, but surely the player the Nets would be most interested in a Durant deal would be Banchero.

Despite what the Magic have to offer the Nets in a potential trade for Kevin Durant, it’s unlikely Durant would be particularly interested in heading to the Magic. They have been building a solid young core, but aren’t particularly close to contending for a ring right now.

For Banchero, that at least means he shouldn’t have to worry about being traded any time soon.