Richard Sherman Reveals Seattle Seahawks Almost Prevented Big Move With ‘Borderline Disrespectful’ Offer

Former Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

This offseason, the Seattle Seahawks brought back one of the members of the Legion of Boom.

They signed linebacker Bobby Wagner to a 1-year deal after he had left the franchise to play for the Los Angeles Rams last season.

Seahawks fans will be excited to see him return, but it looks like there was some concern that the move wouldn’t come together.

Richard Sherman revealed on 93.3 KJR the he was concerned that Seahawks GM John Schneider was going to mess the move up. He said, “I was hoping that [Seahawks general manager] John [Schneider] didn’t mess it up, and he didn’t. He tried. He tried on multiple occasions.”

When asked why he was worried about Schneider ruining it, he added, “Just lowballing a guy. There’s a difference between lowballing and being disrespectful and they got borderline disrespectful. Thankfully, Bobby really wanted to be with the Seahawks, and he really wanted to come back home. Because other people offered him more money.”

Wagner’s contract only ended up being worth $5.5 million for this year, which is about half of what he made for his one year with the Rams between his salary for last season and the dead money they owe him this year.

It makes you wonder exactly what the lowball offer for him was.

Luckily the Seahawks ended up giving Wagner an offer he found reasonable and now he’ll hopefully get to finish off his career as a member of the team he spent 10 years with, earning 6 All-Pro nominations and winning a Super Bowl.