Richie Incognito Scandal has me #ROFL’n

​The fact that this is still going on now after two weeks is absolutely hysterical. There’s nobody who wishes they were incognito more than Mr. Incognito himself, but here’s what we know: allegedly Miami Dolphins lineman, Richie Incognito, was dumb enough to send possibly the most racist voicemail ever to fellow lineman, Jonathan Martin, along with a tweet about some nonsense about him (Jonathan Martin) thinking he was better than Incognito, or something along those lines. When I actually saw the voicemail in text format on Sports Center I was first, shocked that some white guy would say this to a black teammate, and next I was laughing myself to tears at what Incognito actually said. Reminded me of my hazing days back as an undergrad. I especially liked the part about nailing his sister. Classic. 

Among other things that the NFL is labeling this case, bullying is the prime topic. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME NFL? Bullying? These are two grown fucking men. Martin himself, is about 6’5″ 312 lbs, if anything, Martin has at least a reach advantage on Incognito’s  fat-ass. Can you imagine how this looks to other teams? I bet a dollar to donuts other teams are laughing at the Dolphins, and it shows. The Dolphins are struggling right now since this “distraction,” has come to light. At least, that’s what the experts will tell you, but before all this bullshit went down, Miami was rolling. They started the season off 3-0 until they came to the Dome where my man Drew Brees cut that secondary up more than Incognito claimed he would do to Martin’s sister. Now we have one of Miami’s best linemen suspended and another in hiding in California. What else did Incognito do to Martin that made him flee all the way across these United States? Where I’m from if you say anything along the lines of what Sir Richie said, you’re getting your ass beat, by not only the offendee, but the entire black population in the locker room. Personally I think there’s more to this than the Dolphins organization is allowing us to know. Maybe Incognito raped Martin and the texts and tweets were just the beginning. After all, multiple teammates have described the Incognito-Martin relationship as “brotherly.” Still sick and twisted, but this is the NFL; the toughest guys in America play in the NFL. I have a hard time believing Martin was bullied into leaving his team. I think he’s just too embarrassed to tell everyone what really happened so he’s making Incognito look like a racist.

Don’t get me wrong, Incognito is racist as fuck. I mean, look where the guy came from. Richie is a New Jersey native that played his college ball at Nebraska. When I think of a cornhusker, I think of Richie Incognito sippin’ on grass sitting on a tailgate with shotgun in-hand. Go ahead, imagine it, It’s almost scary how much this all making sense. This whole thing will result in Incognito being released from the team, once this thing is finalized, and he’ll possibly never play football again. Once Martins physical and psychological asshole heal up from the pounding they’ve been taking, maybe, just maybe, he’ll return to football. If I were the Dolphins I would get rid of J. Martin too; the guy is damaged goods and will never be the same. Every time he even smells a football field he’ll be thinking of Richie Incognito whispering to him about how he gets two beatings: one during and after practice.