Rick Fox Absolutely Ethers Spencer Dinwiddie After Catching A Stray In Kyle Kuzma Beef

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In case you’ve been out of the loop for a little while, Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma and former teammate Spencer Dinwiddie do not like one another very much.

The beef goes back to at least January, when Kuzmza and the Wiz beat the Dallas Mavericks, whom Dinwiddie played for at the time.

Dinwiddie was later traded to the Brooklyn Nets and it appeared that was the end of that. But, boy, was that ever not the case.

Months later, Dinwiddie took another shot at Kuzma.

“I think if you look at him and the way he approaches life, fame, all that stuff, then we can see that his priorities tend to vary,” Dinwiddie said. “That’s why he dresses the way he does, he approaches basketball the way he does, the comments he makes.

“In D.C. if you’ve got three max dudes—[Kristaps] Porzingis, Brad [Beal] and [Kuzma]—how do you miss the playoffs? None of these things make sense, unless your priorities aren’t in order.”

But Kuzma wasn’t just going to take that attack lying down. Instead, he fired back with a Twitter thread of his own.

That prompted another response from Dinwiddie, who talked about Kuzma’s 2020 NBA Championship with the Lakers and stated that he was just along for the ride.

“Some people are blessed to be in situations,” he said. “We don’t get mad at Rick Fox for winning a championship with Kobe and Shaq. Some people are blessed and that’s great, but we can’t act like Rick Fox led them to a championship.”

Dang, what did Rick Fox do to catch a stray?

But Rick ain’t no punk. So he took to Twitter to offer a response of his own.

Fox posted a tweet noting that he was a captain on the Lakers teams that won NBA championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

That’s a little bit of important information that Dinwiddie left out.

Maybe the Brooklyn Nets guard may want to turn his attention to his upcoming playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets. But there’s likely another “L” waiting for him there too.