RIGHTY OR LEFTY: This Painting Of A Baseball Player Is Driving People Crazy A La ‘The Dress’


We found it! We found it! Almost a year and a half later, we *finally* found a Bro-friendly version of that stupid dress that drove the Internet crazy last February.

Via Derrick Chung comes this amazing optical illusion, which is a maddening painting of a baseball player either winding up or side-arming a play to a bag. Is he a righty or a lefty? It’s driving certain baseball-loving corners of the Internet wild with debate:


Internally, we’re divided. I say lefty because of how he’s stepping, with the glove on the right hand and elbow bent towards the viewer. My colleagues are firmly #TeamRight, however:


Meanwhile, others are definitely seeing left…

Some responses from the BroBible Instagram… 



What do you think?