Allow SCIENCE! To Explain Why Some People See The Dress As White And Gold

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A debate over the color of a dress has broken the Internet. We are just living in its smoldering, radioactive post-nuclear aftermath. I see blue and black. Friends see white and gold. The guy who sells me beer at the bodega under my apartment sees white and gold. THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET HAS LOST ITS MIND. The dress has become the most divisive issue of our time, tearing families and couples and friends apart with their eyes playing tricks on them.

According to Buzzfeed’s poll — easily the one of record for the issue — more people are seeing white and gold than blue and black, but the dress is, officially, blue and black, according to the manufacturer.

So let’s allow SCIENCE! explain why this is. Here’s the WHY that’s making the rounds, via Andy Rexford:



For an even more detailed explanation, jump over to Wired.

The Internet will never be the same again.