Rob Gronkowski: ‘Sometimes Chicks Are Crazy … I Don’t Got A Girlfriend’

Every single thing Rob Gronkowski has ever done suggests he’s not the type to settle down with just one woman. That’s why an internet rumor Wednesday night that he and swimsuit model Marisa Hunter were going steady was so salacious.


The New England Patriots tight end and porn star enthusiast was quick to squash such monogamous talk with classic Gronkowski tweet.

Preach it, Gronk. A dude can participate in a Q&A with a lady at Foxwoods Casino without buying her a ring. This is still — the last time I checked — America.

No woman can clip this bird’s wings. He’s got to fly — and fly dangerously close to that burning sun.

He is, after all, the Icarus of our modern times. Only with a better ending, we hope.