Little Dude Perfectly Recreates Rob Gronkowski Beer-Chugging Photo, Is Basically Gronk Jr.

by 5 years ago



Rob Gronkowski was everything we expected Rob Gronkowski to be during the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl parade yesterday. He had a great time. The whole world knows he had a great time, thanks to professional and amateur photographers alike.

Gronk makes an excellent subject. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him get some nude modeling work at Boston-area adult education art classes this offseason.

But maybe the touchdown enthusiast isn’t the greatest of role models.

Uh oh. No one tell Mike Florio.

As you would suspect, some terrible human beings are judging this kid’s parents for clearly planting early seeds of alcoholism. To those people I say: I hope the real Gronkowski hunts you down and spikes you into oblivion. Stop throwing penalty flags on fun and shut up.

This little guy is awesome and is going to get so many chicks at nursery school.


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