Rob Gronkowski Confirms He’s Not Making NFL Comeback, Says He Doesn’t Miss Tom Brady’s Negativity After Wins During Pregame Show

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Rob Gronkowski isn’t making an NFL comeback after all.

During this morning’s edition of Fox pregame, Gronk confirmed that he wasn’t going to make an NFL comeback this season.

Gronk also chimed in on Tom Brady’s recent frustrations with the team despite being 9-1 in the season.

“You know, it’s crazy — they’re 9-1 and he’s still frustrated, too, and it’s like, ‘Yo,’ like, ‘You guys are 9-1,'” . “That’s the one part I don’t miss about being there, hands down. I’m not going to lie. I don’t miss that. You’re frustrated. They’re 9-1. They win a game last week vs. Philly. We lost to them in the Super Bowl two years ago. They should be happy. Instead, you’re sitting there Sunday night, like, ‘What did I do wrong?’ Like, no. That’s not the feeling that you should have. You should be pumped about the win, no matter (what). Yeah, you might’ve not put the offensive numbers that you put up. But you won the game and enjoy it, go out the next week and build off of it.”

While Gronk will be missed on the football field he’s been pretty great on TV these last few weeks.

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