Rob Gronkowski Isn’t Ruling Out A WWE Career After His Football Days Are Over

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has made no secret about his love for professional wrestling, having made appearances at WWE events, and chilled often his dude Mojo Rawley, generally being a huge goofball most of the time.

In a recent segment of ‘Truth or Dare,’, Gronk confided to Katie Nolan that someday when his football career is behind him, he aspires to put in some work in the ring.

Not on a full-time basis of course, but Gronk did say that seeing his friend Mojo go at it definitely inspires him to give the WWE a shot. Obviously, he said his finishing move would involve some kind of spike, and that his name would be “The Gronk,” because why wouldn’t it? Gronkowski also stated that just once, he would love to take the plunge off the top turnbuckle as well.

Judging from that charisma, feels like there’s a WWE contract ready and waiting when Gronk picks up the phone to inquire. That would be some must-watch TV.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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