Rob Gronkowski’s Dad Said Why His Son Chose Arizona For College And It’s The Most Gronk Reason Ever

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Gordy Gronkowski, the dad of All-Pro tight end and ultimate bro Rob Gronkowski, recently wrote about what it was like to raise Gronk and his four brother to become pro athletes in Bruce Weber’s All-American XV Leap of Faith—which, in and of itself, is pretty astonishing.

With Rob being the most famous, recognizable and successful of the bros, Gordy talked about how the man known as Gronk took responsibility for a major decision in his life—the college he wanted to attend—which was a trait that Gordy tried to instill in his boys.

Per an excerpt from Vanity Fair, here’s an anecdote from what Gordy said:

With each of my sons, when they got to the campus that was right for them, they knew right away. Rob had something like 65 scholarship offers, and I asked, “Where are you going? Syracuse? Ohio State?” He goes, “University of Arizona.” I asked, “Why there?” “Dad, if you ever went to a pool party at Arizona, you’d understand.”

Wait, what? So you’re telling me that Rob chose his school based off of pool parties and, presumably, the hot chicks from the University of Arizona who attend them? Fucking classic.

I mean, are any of us really surprised by this? There’s a reason we want to party our asses off with Gronk—and, even as a high-schooler forced to choose his college, the guy had his priorities in check.

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